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Treatments, Programs and Rates


Swedish/Therapeutic Deep Pressure Massage ~

60 or 90 Minutes From $100- $140

2-Hour Massage (with Makayla only) $160

Swedish Massage
It is the most commonly known style of massage. Swedish combines long, light strokes to help promote circulation, lymphatic flow, and relieve stress.


Therapeutic Deep Pressure Massage
Therapeutic Deep Pressure Massage is best for giving attention to certain painful, stiff "trouble spots" in your body. With deliberate strokes that focus pressure on layers of muscles and tendons. Though less rhythmic than other types of massage, deep pressure massage can be quite therapeutic. Relieving chronic patterns of tension and helping with muscle injuries. It is best to drink plenty of water after a deep tissue session to help rid the body of toxins.

~ I personally look at this treatment as a way to work down the layers of the muscles. Think of an onion and all the layers. Our muscles are the same way. We must work and warm up the more superficial muscles before we can work the more deeper muscles. This style of massage should not be painful, though it is common to feel some soreness during and after your session. I don't like the term "No Pain, No Gain" when it comes to Therapeutic Deep Pressure Massage. You're body needs to relax in order to work deeper. If not then your muscles can kick back on deeper pressure and at times you won't even know your body is doing this. You have spent years perfecting those tight muscles and adhesions, it will take time and focus work to get your body back to the point of maintaining. ~

Prenatal Massage ~ 60 or 90 Minutes

From $110 to $150

Unwind and relax!

Pillows and wedges are used to help position you in the most comfortable way that's best for you and baby. Session is customized to you. Option to add in soothing treatment to help with feet and leg swelling.

Revival Face FITness ~60 Minutes $125

A legit facial workout! 💪

Expect a warmup with the Lymphatic Brush to help stimulate the lymphatic system followed by the Weighted Ball to stretch and warm up the tissue and muscles, you then get into the workout of the massage 🔥. Hot Towels and Steam used with a deep tissue face massage (no intra oral work) along with deep tissue and traction for the neck and upper shoulders. Face Cupping is next followed by the new Stainless Steel Gua Sha for the cool down (this baby stays chilled 🥶). LED Light Therapy dome used after the face massage while you relax with a hand or foot massage.

The best part of this workout is that I'm doing all the work for you 😉

De-Puff, Lift, Sculpt, Tone and Recover!

Lux Revival Massage ~ 90 Minutes $175

90 Minute Massage with Synergy Hot Stones, Cupping Therapy, Hot Towels, and Face Massage with Face Cupping and Gua Sha Stone.

Revival Mama ~ 90 Minutes $165

A 90 min custom prenatal massage with added facial massage using gua shas and cooling eye gels for under the eyes, Belly Mask to help that bump from itching and prevent stretch marks and a Soothing Leg and Foot Treatment to combat swelling and invigorate tired limbs. Option to add the Lymphatic Brush to help with stimulating the lymph system and helping with swelling.

Not to mention all the pillows and wedges to make you and baby comfy and feeling like you are floating on a cloud!

Revival Lymphatic Brush Massage ~ 60 Minutes $120

Prioritizing our internal health and supporting the natural filtration system of our body this amazing tool will help your skin and body function better. The Lymphatic Brush is designed to directly and gently affect the lymph vessel system, which sits just under the surface of the skin. Light, superficial touch with the brush is required to avoid compressing and suppressing the function of the lymphatic system. Focus massage is added to the session after work with the lymphatic brush is completed.

~Please come in with freshly cleansed skin. Please have no oils or lotion recently added to your skin prior to coming in.



• Reduce swelling, edema

• Filter cellular waste

• Pain relief, anti-inflammatory

• Calm nervous system 😌🧠

• Improve digestion

• Aid in performance, recovery

• Accelerate healing; post-surgical

• Healthier, clearer skin from the inside

• Improved quality of sleep 💤

• Support immune system and function



Use caution if you have,

  • Bronchitis

  • Menstruation: can make period heavier

  • Nevus (Raised Mole)

  • Low Blood Pressure

  • Hyperactive Thyroid

Do not use if you have,

  • Active cancer

  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

  • Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)

  • Acute infection or inflammation


~ à la carte (Customize your treatment) ~

From $5 - $25

Cold Stones/Gua Sha (Great for Headaches) $5.00

Hand Treatment $10.00

Foot Treatment $10.00

Hot Towels $10.00

Face Cupping Therapy $10.00

Integrated Reiki and Crystal Work $10.00

Scar Massage: Use of Cupping & Body Gua Sha Stone $15.00

Synergy Hot Stones $15.00

Cupping Therapy $15.00

Lymphatic Brush $10-$20

Therapeutic Grade CBD Lotion $10/$15/$25

Essential Oils ~ Complimentary

Theragun ~ Complimentary

LED Light Therapy ~ Complimentary 

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Sound Healing

~30 mins $80



The effects of crystal singing bowls are immediate:

•Chakra Healing

•Spiritual Healing

•Instantaneous Relaxation

•Energetic Balance




•Individuals who want to quickly bring themselves into a relax state

•Great enhancement for Meditation

•Those who want to balance their chakras and energy body


In today's world we are very easily pulled away and disconnected from the natural healing sounds of the outdoors. Sounds from nature that bring us a sense of peace, calmness and wholeness. Sound healing sessions can help improve this and bring you back to center. With sound healing you don’t only hear the sounds coming from the bowls, tuning forks, etc. but you also feel the sounds, frequencies and vibrations wash over your body making it a complete mind, body and soul experience.


How do I prepare for my sound healing session?

•Wear comfortable nonrestrictive clothing

•You may bring your own blanket/pillow or utilize ours if you wish

•Eat a light meal or nutritious snack prior to your session

•Hydrate prior to your session and feel free to bring a nonalcoholic beverage along with you, or we do provide water if you’d like it


You should confide in your PCP before sound healing if:

  • You have epilepsy. The frequencies can become quite intense and trigger this condition.

  • You have metal joint replacements or implants of any kind. Again, the frequencies can be quite intense, and we don’t want any issues.

megan baril nutriton and fitness coaching and training remote training lewiston maine

My Personal Journey ~ Megan 

Nutrition and Fitness

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.


~New Integrated Fitness and Nutrition Program Coming Soon! ~



















"I've been there myself and know firsthand how transformative dialing in your nutrition can be. Back in 2019 I made a promise to myself to focus on my over health and wellbeing. I focused on healthy/nutrient foods, daily movement, along with addressing stressors in my life and working on getting more sleep. I lost 60 pounds prior to getting pregnant in 2022. Through my pregnancy I made some modifications but keep my goals strong which served me while. Now through postpartum I'm making modifications again and dialing in more.
I'm going along this journey with you become we are always changing and evolving.
~Megan "

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