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6 Week Customized

Postural Functional Fitness Training Program 

~Let me help you move optimally~

Repetitive motions and chronic suboptimal positions can cause our bodies to develop bad posture and can result in changes in how we move and train. This postural training program is designed to work with you, your schedule, what you have for equipment and help get you to a more optimal posture. Functional Fitness is moving your body the way it should move with intention, mindfulness and pain free. Which in turn will help support you in your everyday life and activities.

6 Week Customized Postural Functional Fitness Training Program - Megan will create a 6 week customized postural program according to your needs, focus, equipment available, and goals. This program is designed to build strength in areas of underactive/lengthened muscles and add in recovery and lengthening in overactive/shortened muscles. You will be taken through stages of stretching, foam rolling, and activation technique exercises. Upon your purchase you will receive an email with forms that will need to be filled out. This way, Megan will have all the info she needs.  Once your forms are complete and photos sent, you will receive your program within 7 business days via email from (please add to your contacts). Your program will come as an outline through the Notion App and NASM Edge App with links to stretches and exercises (some by Megan, some by other people) so you know exactly what to do. You will also receive a recommended workout and recovery schedule to follow. As always, you can reach out to her if you have questions All sales are final.

Important Due to demand, please allow Megan 7 business days to design your program.

NOTE: You will be asked to send in body composition photos so Megan can identify muscle imbalance. To ensure you get the best assessment, please ensure the photos are taken straight on, not at an angle. You will stand in your neutral, relaxed, standing position (don’t overthink it). You will need to send 4 photos: anterior (front side), posterior (back side) and lateral (side body, both left and right).  Have the person taking your photos hold the camera between hip and shoulder height. If possible, take the photos in natural light, and with form fitting clothing, shorts or a bathing suit. Please ensure your feet and head are in each frame of the photo so Megan can best assess your posture. Please have your hair pulled up so that your neck and ears are exposed. Please do not wear shoes, it's best to assess your foot position without footwear on. Please also note that foam rolling and resistance bands are an integral piece of Megan’s programming, so if you don’t have some, please order roller , loops and bands now, so you’re ready when your program arrives. Megan also recommends light ankle resistance bands and 3lb ankle weights

Example of postural/body composition photo:


Once your 6 weeks are done you will resend new body composition photos and Megan will do a comparison between week 1 and week 6. You will have an option to have another reassessment done and a new 6 week program designed to continue you on your fitness journey (Training Program fees apply). 

Training Program Only: $125.00

Training Program and 1 Zoom Mid-point Check-In: $150.00

Training Program and 6 Zoom Weekly Check-Ins: $195.00

Training spots are limited. Please email Megan at to purchase. 

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