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Nutrition Coaching 

Let's start your journey today!

As your Nutrition Coach, I will provide all of the education, tools and support to guide you during this transformative journey. Remember "this is a lifestyle not a diet". We will work on your personal health and wellness goals together. Through in-depth questionnaires, evaluations, one-on-one support and check-ins I will create a plan that is unique to you, your lifestyle and your goals.

I'm here for you every step of the way and rooting for your success!

I work with clients virtually and in person. I offer, a self-starter option (Custom Macro Breakdown) and a Monthly Membership/Program option. Any questions on which option is best for you or if you have other question before booking then I recommend you book a free 20-minute discovery call today to see if nutrition coaching is for you!

Message me below to book either a discovery call or to set up your initial appointment. Once booked you will receive an email with all the forms needed in order for me to create your program. These forms are needed back prior to your scheduled appointment. You will also receive an invite to view all resource guides via google drive. These are yours to help guide you more through the program and are great additional sources of information (Gmail account is needed to view these forms). 

"I've been there myself and know firsthand how transformative dialing in your nutrition can be. Back in 2019 I made a promise to myself to focus on my over health and wellbeing. I focused on healthy/nutrient foods, daily movement, along with addressing stressors in my life and working on getting more sleep. I lost 60 pounds prior to getting pregnant in 2022. Through my pregnancy I made some modifications but keep my goals strong which served me while. Now through postpartum I'm making modifications again and dialing in more.

I'm going along this journey with you become we are always changing and evolving.

~Megan "

Custom Macro Breakdown & One Adjustment - $100

This is a great option for those who are self-starters and don’t need the extra accountability. 

  • The macros (amount of carbs, fat & protein) your body needs to reach your individual goals based on your personal statistics and lifestyle factors. 

  • 30 Min Meeting to review your program. 

  • Tips on how to be successful while tracking your macros.

  • One adjustment is included in the first 60 days.

  • Access to multiple resource guides. 

  • Invite to Everfit app for tracking your progress, food journal (integrates with MyFitness Pal), communication with me your coach and more. 

Month Program/Membership - $250 fist month and $200 each month following (Can set up for weekly payments).  

You are not locked in and can cancel anytime. I do recommend a three-month minimum to fully start to see results and build healthy habits. 

This program is great if you’re looking for nutritional and lifestyle guidance and need some extra support with accountability. 

What’s Included?

  • Initial Assessment - This session consists of a 60-minute call or in office meeting to go over intake forms, discuss goals, and choose a path that suits you best based on your individual needs. You will complete the following forms before our initial call/visit. This will give me an idea of where you’re at.                                           

  • -Health History Questionnaire - an overview of your general and medical history.                                                   

  • -4 Day Food Recall Journal, Food Frequency Questionnaire and Usual Intake Journal - this allows me to get a bigger picture of how you typically eat. I recommend doing the 4 Day Food Recall Journey to cover 2 weekdays and 2 weekend days.                                                                                                                                                       

  • - SMARTS Goals Worksheet - Mindful goal setting.                                                                                                        

  • - Discrepancy Identifier Worksheet - Adding values to our goals.                                                                                 

  • - Decision Balance Worksheet - Addressing the anticipated pros and cons to starting this journey/program.       

  • - Behavioral Contract - Your commitment to making a healthy change.

  • Nutrition Programming - I will create recommendations based on your individual needs + goals. We can revise monthly if needed. 

  • Follow Up Calls/Appointments - We will meet twice a month (two 30-minute calls or in office meetings) to make sure everything is going well and make adjustments to the program if needed.

  • Unlimited Email/Text Support - I will be there for you the whole time, answering questions, giving you support, etc. (24-hour response time)

  • Monthly Re-Assessment 

  • Invite to Everfit app for tracking your progress, food journal (integrates with MyFitness Pal), communication with me your coach and more. 

  • PDF Resources and Grocery Guide                                                                                                                     *Additional 30-minute sessions are available if more support is needed - $50 per session.

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